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adoption contract

each rescue group uses its own contract, so you are advised to view a particular group's contract.  a typical example of the rescue contract you may be asked to sign would include information similar to the following:

(identifying information about you)
your name, address, city/town, state, zip code,
home/work/cell telephone numbers,
e-mail address, social security number, license plate number,
name of spouse/partner and above information about him/her

(identifying information about  dog)
dog's name, age, gender, weight, color, eyes, outstanding physical features;
health record including dates of heartworm blood test/medications, inoculations, fecal exam, physical exam, deworming & other medications;
rabies tag number and nbr tag number,
any special notations about the dog

(terms of adoption agreement)
northeastern boxer rescue, hereafter referred to as nbr, retains superior title to said dog, and may exercise its superior claim if at any time the conditions of this agreement are not being met.

nbr releases this animal for adoptive purposes with the following stipulations:

must be 18 years of age or older and live in an area where pets are permitted.

agree to obtain for the animal a thorough veterinary exam to include: inoculations, heartworm and fecal exams within ten days of adoption if not already done, and yearly thereafter.

provide food, water, shelter, exercise, medical care, and generally care for the animal in a devoted and humane manner.

agree that dog will not be left outside unsupervised.

agree to leash and license laws of the town in which you reside.

agree to neuter this animal, if not already done, by (date). written proof of neutering must be sent to us within 14 days of surgery.

agree to allow an authorized representative of nbr to examine the animals living conditions at any reasonable time. if unsatisfactory conditions are found to exist, nbr retains the right to reclaim the animal.

if for any reason you must give up this dog, you agree not to sell, trade, or dispose of animal, but to retain custody and contact nbr for assistance. you may be responsible for keeping possession of dog for a maximum of two weeks at your expense. you are subject to a $500 fine if dog is not returned to nbr.

any change of address must be reported promptly to nbr.

adopter agrees to notify nbr immediately by phone in the event this dog is lost or stolen and at the time of the dog�s death. nbr reserves the right to request and receive veterinarian's "cause of death" statement.

i hereby agree that any default of these conditions will immediately void all rights and interests i have gained in the animal, and i will voluntarily surrender it to nbr. adopter assumes all responsibility for the dog's actions after the effective date of this contract as first set forth on this page. adopter agrees to hold nbr and its representatives harmless from any and all liability associated with any illness of the dog, or damage or injury caused hereafter by said dog.

(terms of follow-up agreement)
i agree to allow nbr to conduct follow-up on the placement of the dog named (dog's name), either by phone or in person, weekly during the first month, then monthly at months two, five, eight and twelve, and yearly thereafter. i agree to call the nbr representative named (representative's name) at (time of day) on the dates below to satisfy the above follow-up criteria.  (list of dates).

i agree to keep nbr informed of dog's progress, and will submit at least one clear photo of dog per year.  i understand that violation of any terms of this contract, in the opinion of nbr, constitutes return of the live animal. all court costs, if any, will be absorbed by the adopter.

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