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white boxers:  the myths and the facts!

unfortunately, the white boxer has been the cause of much controversy among breeders and owners for quite some time.   we hope the information in this brief article will help dispel any myths that you have heard about the white boxer.

myth #1
white boxers are rare.

approximately 25% of all boxers are born white. in fact, some of the first foundation dogs for the boxer breed were white. since white boxers do not conform to the breed standard of the american boxer club and the american kennel club, many are euthanized by breeders.

myth #2
white boxers develop more health problems and are sicker than other boxers.

because a boxer is white does not mean that it is going to be unhealthy. no clinical evidence has been recorded showing the white boxer at higher risk for health problems.

myth #3
all white boxers are deaf and are not trainable.

although there is a higher incidence of deafness when a boxer is white (approximately 18% of whites), not all are deaf. deaf boxers can be trained using a variety of methods including hand signals, sign language, flashlights and more. training any boxer, hearing or deaf, requires time, patience and understanding.

myth #4
white boxers are "mean".

white boxers are not "mean". coat color on a boxer does not affect a boxer's personality. white boxers exhibit the same endearing personality traits as their darker counterparts.

myth #5
white boxers are albinos.

white boxers are not albinos. albino dogs do not have any pigment. white boxers are simply born with white hair.

myth #6
white boxers cannot be registered.

white boxers can be registered with the american kennel club. however, they can not been shown in the conformation ring, but they can be shown in obedience.

northeastern boxer rescue thanks caroline woods for writing and contributing this article.




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