Atlanta Boxer Rescue

Atlanta Boxer Rescue: Where and How to Adopt a Boxer

Boxers are preferred by many, which makes them a rather popular breed. Especially among families who are looking for a new member to their team! Why? Because boxers have a great temperament. Plus, they’re energetic, joyful, loyal and protective, which is everything you want from a dog. If you want to adopt a boxer in Atlanta, here are two of the best options available!

Atlanta Boxer Rescue

If you want to adopt a boxer in Atlanta, Atlanta Boxer Rescue is one of the best options for you. They’re a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, medically rehabilitate and find forever homes for abandoned boxers within the greater Atlanta area. They also believe boxer education for owners is important, so they work to inform people about responsible care, pet guardianship, and they promote spaying/neutering to promote a better life for these boxers.

Adoption Process at Atlanta Boxer Rescue

Adoptions are only conducted in the greater Atlanta area, no exceptions. You’ll need to fill out the application, after which a thorough reference check and home visit will be conducted before the process is completed. The process at Atlanta Boxer Rescue is designed to make 100% sure these boxers will go to a good home, so be patient. If you already have other pets, they will make sure they’re spayed/neutered and are up to date on their shots.

Adoptions Fees at Atlanta Boxer Rescue

Adoption fees at Atlanta Boxer Rescue are as follows:

  • Puppies of 0 to 6 months – $300
  • Young boxers 7 to 12 months – $275
  • Adult boxers 12 months and older – $250

They accept payment in cash, credit cards and via PayPal as well.

Out of the Box Boxer Rescue

Out of the Box Boxer Rescue is another great option to keep in mind if you’re located in Georgia and you want to welcome a boxer into your home. They’re also a non-profit organization that rescues boxers and finds the perfect home for them. The adoption process is straightforward, but each step takes its time so be patient!

Adoption Process at Out of the Box Boxer Rescue

Before you fill in the adoption application, be sure to read Out of the Box Boxer Rescue’s adoption policies. Once your application is reviewed, your references and vet checks will be confirmed by a volunteer. Then, a telephone interview will be conducted to review point on the application, answer questions and discuss a particular boxer.

If this goes well, a home visit will be scheduled where a volunteer will make sure the environment is well suited for a boxer. If you’re approved, you can contact the adoption coordinator to let them know the boxer you’re interested in. Adoption fees will range from $275 to $325 depending on the age of the boxer.

Any of these two options will allow you to find the perfect boxer to adopt so you can welcome a new member to the family and give these boxers a new chance at life!

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