Boxer Rescue California

Boxer Rescue California: Where and How to Adopt a Boxer

Boxers are such a wonderful breed it’s no wonder you’re considering welcoming one into your family. They’re adorable, active, joyful, fun, loyal and protective of the people they know and love. What more could you ask for? If you’re looking for boxer rescue California, here’s the best option for you!

NorCal Boxer Rescue

NorCalBoxer Rescue is a non-profit boxer rescue organization in California whose mission is to offer sanctuary and help boxers in need throughout Northern California, the Central Valley and the Nevada/California state line as well. They were founded in June of 1998 and they’ve built this great boxer rescue organization by developing relationships with shelters in California and establishing a network of volunteers and foster homes.

All available dogs for adoption in NorCal Boxer Rescue have been rescued from shelters in the area or accepted from owners who were no longer able to care for them. Their priority is to find a home for the most vulnerable dogs who are at greater risk of euthanasia so they can have a chance at a happy life. They provide all rescued animals with veterinary care, vaccinations, a microchip, spay/neuter surgeries, and all the love and care they need.

Adoption Process at NorCal Boxer Rescue

To get started with the adoption process at NorCal Boxer Rescue, you must reside in the Northern California, Central Valley or Nevada/California Stateline area because this is where the organization operates. Read the adoption requirements to make sure you meet them.

It’s worth noting that they don’t adopt boxers to families with children under 5 years of age as a general rule. If there are children younger than 15 years old at home you’ll need to answer additional questions and it might take a while to find an appropriate boxer. This policy is meant to protect the boxers and your family as well, so please be patient.

Once you’ve reviewed the adoption requirements, you can start the process by filling out the adoption application honestly and accurately. When the application is reviewed, you’ll be contacted by a volunter, which can take anywhere up to 14 days. There’s a $25 application fee that’s non-refundable and it’s necessary to get your application processed.

When they’re reviewing your application, they will run a preliminary screening and they will contact your references. If everything goes well, they will set up private meet and greets at foster homes with you and your family so you can meet multiple dogs at once and find the right match with the help of volunteers. Next, a home visit will be scheduled with the dog of your choice and NorCal Boxer Rescue volunteers to make sure everything’s in order. Finally, there’s adoption day and your boxer will be brought home.

Adoption Fees at NorCal Boxer Rescue

NorCal Boxer Rescue adoption fee is $400 additional to the $25 application fee. On adoption day, you will sign the adoption contract and pay the fee. Keep in mind that a portion of the fee may be tax deductible, so you’re advised to consult with your tax adviser.

In short, NorCal Boxer Rescue is a great option that will help you find the right boxer for you and your family!

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