Boxer Rescue

Thinking about Boxer Rescue? Here is What You Need to Know

Rescuing a dog from adverse conditions is an extremely grateful task to perform. The dogs that are being abused and abandoned by their owners need equal love and care as a pet dog. Therefore, the rescue operation needs to be performed in a successful manner that might cause some responsibilities on the person who has decided to rescue the dog.



Several organizations are also there, which helps in providing shelter and food to abandoned dogs. These sorts of organizations play a vital role in fostering those dogs that are left on the streets by their owners due to any reason such as any disease, lack of money for food, no more love, and many other reasons. They tend to look after such dogs that are unloved or have some kind of disorder prevailing in their bodies.

A rescue dog is that dog that has been rescued by some individuals or organizations into a new shelter or place after being left by his previous owner. All dogs need to be loved and taken cared of, but when there is nobody who can do that but their new owner is the savior, who has helped him in critical situations.

Characteristics of a boxer dog

One thing that is notable About Boxer Dog is that they are listed in the top ten dangerous dogs in terms of attacks on children; hence the homes with children are more likely to abandon these dogs because of their energetic behavior. Therefore, foster homes come to their rescue during this period. They are not known to be aggressive in nature, but they are so much filled with energy that they could not resist it and do not behave accordingly.

The name of a boxer dog is supposed to be ‘boxer’ due to his standing on his hind legs and boxing with the help of his front legs or paws. The breed of boxers is popular for its high energy standards. They are sweet and nice. They also tend to jump here and there because of their high excitement levels. They are the most intelligent ones with a high quality of sensing anything extraordinary. They get a very strong gut instinct when something is wrong and dicey. Due to this nature, they are included in the category of ‘working dogs.’ They guard and protect their admired ones and are supposed to be trained for this purpose as well.

The personality of a boxer dog

The weight of a boxer tends to go up to 80 pounds in males and 65 pounds in the case of females. They commonly have square-shaped heads and broad chest with erect ears on the head. They have high tails and arched toes. They are usually black with white-colored masks on their bodies. Having a life span of nine to ten years, and they generally cannot stand hot weather and needs to be taken care of this thing. Overheating can cause them illness.

Role of boxer rescue organizations

There are thousands of dog rescue organizations that are supposed to help the left and unloved dogs, especially boxers. They tend to train them for working purposes, provide them food and shelter, and they have sufficient sheltering facilities to make the dog feel homely and loved by the members of the organizations. Along with this, they launch numerous Boxer Dog Rescue missions at regular intervals for searching abandoned and left dogs in the streets of a particular area. These sorts of missions provide them immense aid in finding hundreds of abandoned dogs.

Why should anyone take a boxer dog at home?

  1. Extremely smart: These are one of the intelligent breeds in the dog family. They tend to recognize things even after a one-time watch. Their visuals are strong with sharp memory power. They have the intelligence of a three-year-old infant, in general.
  2. Highly vocal: The boxers are known for their violent and intense bark. They are demanding and need love and care. They express everything through their bark and express their feelings vocally.
  3. Very playful: Although they are intense, along with this, they are known to be very excited when playful. They really love to have fun and crave enjoyment. They love to play hide and seek, fetching stuff, and many other energy-based games.
  4. Loyal: The most loyal breed of all dogs, a boxer, offers high loyalty to its owner and does not suppose to betray his loved one. It is one of the reasons why you should adopt a boxer rescue as soon as possible.
  5. Guardians: They protect their homes and owners as nobody else can. They are trained naturally and tend to bark when they sense any stranger coming.
  6. Extroverts: Due to their playful nature, they have an extrovert personality, and they need to be taken on a walk on a regular basis. They have high energy in them, and they have the need to expel that out from their bodies. They also mix well with other breeds of dogs due to their friendly nature.
  7. Fond of children: However, they just love toddlers, and by accidents, they sometimes attack them thinking it a playful activity.

Along with this, they are short-tempered and drool and snore in excess. Boxers are needed to be extremely cautious. Because of their exciting traits, they need more space to wander here and there.

Why choose a boxer among all breeds?

There are endless reasons why anyone should go for a boxer dog when choosing among the various breeds in rescue missions. They are some of the most loyal breeds of dogs anyone can come across. The 10 Benefits Of Adopting A Rescue Boxer are listed as follows:

  1. Extended life span: Dogs from the boxer breed generally lives up to eight to ten years. They are comparatively long-lived from other species. This benefits their owners that they do not have to worry for at least ten years regarding the death of their dogs. They will be going to live with them for a minimum of this time.
  2. Good visuals: The boxers are supposed to have very sharp eyes and very strong eyesight. They see anything from afar and are correct about what they witness. Therefore, no risk of theft or robbery in the homes of a boxer.
  3. Low cost of maintenance: The boxers usually do not need a lot of expenditure on them; they like to keep themselves busy in cheerful activities. Hence, they prefer their owners above anything materialistic. They crave love and affection more than anything. They also do not nee  d to be bathed daily due to a layer of oil on their skin. Therefore, the cost of water and shampoos becomes very less comparatively.
  4. Highly energetic: The boxers are supposed to be extremely playful and exciting, and for this, they need a lot of spacious areas like an apartment or condominium. They generally love to play running games such as hide and seek. The owners are advised to train them on how to fetch things, and they will be super happy. Therefore, if anyone is finding someone for a great company, then boxer is an excellent choice among all breeds.
  5. Lovely face: The boxers have a very fluffy and bouncy jaw that is extremely kissable. Their square-shaped face and jawline make them different. Erect ears that are usually bent are a plus point.
  6. Quick learners: They catch anything very easily and do not forget what once learned. They have excellent memory power and tend to remember the faces of everyone even after witnessing them once.
  7. Very strong: He has a solid muscular body that is really appreciating. He can beat many small dogs when it comes to their possessions and family members.
  8. Protective: They will not like strangers to enter their homes due to their extremely possessive nature. They are very good at reading people’s minds as well, hence no worries about anything suspicious in your vicinity.
  9. Well-behaved: The boxers are very formal, and if trained, they know how to behave with everybody. They are extremely sincere and do not do childishness in front of new faces.
  10. Family dog: A boxer is basically a dog that needs affection from his owner. He is the proper family dog when it comes to taking care of you and your family.

All in all, a boxer is a very versatile dog when it comes to qualities. He exhibits every fine property in it, and this is the reason why they are the most admired and preferred dog off all times.

How do dogs end up in shelters?

In every country and state, every year, a minimum of 5,000 to 15,000 dogs end up living in shelters. The primary reason for this is being left and abandoned. Many organizations conduct surveys that launch missions as well, to rescue the abandoned dogs. These organizations and councils provide shelter to these unloved dogs by raising funds from the general public. Animal controls governed by government authorities also pick numerous dogs each year are still endless. Therefore, the need for being more humane arises, and this injustice requires to be ceased as early as possible. Dogs crave love more than humans, and we humans should help them in offering them the same.

The dogs are left in shelter homes due to various possible reasons, and some of them may be these:

  1. No permission from landlords: This is the very common case that the councils come across. The tenants are not allowed to keep a pet dog with them by their strict landlords. Hence, they have no option left but to abandon their dogs, and they end up being in shelter homes.
  2. Job transfers: Sometimes, the government does not approve of having a pet with the owner due to the fact that they will not be able to give enough time to their pet, and this will cause him the need to love.
  3. Owned cats: This case is very least possible, but people who own cats think hundred times before owning a dog as well. They do not want noise pollution to be doubled up in their home. Along with this, the threat to the cat’s life also enhances.
  4. Expenses: This issue makes the owners helpless. They wish to take care of their pet dog but unable to do so due to the high cost of maintenance. They do not have enough money to spend on their pet dogs. Therefore, they sadly abandon them in shelter homes.
  5. Insufficient amenities: When the owner of the dog is living in a backward or underdeveloped area, then he might not be getting access to the dog’s food and his other needs. Then he might think of disowning him due to a lack of facilities available nearby.
  6. Toddlers in the house: Some people do not want to make their child’s life vulnerable by revolving it with a dog in their home. The need to plan a family makes them take this step of leaving their dogs.
  7. Illness of owners: When the owner is suffering from a certain disease or disorder that he cannot be able to provide enough time and attention to his pet. Then he decides to drop him in a shelter home for his betterment.
  8. Disorders of the dog: When the dog is suffering from any chronic disease, then it might cause allergic reactions to the family members as well, and the time that he needs to look after him also increases. Then the owner sometimes plans to abandon the dog.
  9. Biting nature: When the dog has bitten somebody in the surroundings or in his own house, the risk of hydrophobia increases, and people complain to the owners to leave the dog as soon as possible. This makes the owners helpless to do so.

The above-mentioned points might be some of the possible reasons why a dog is disowned by his owner despite being the most loyal and loved pet.


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