Boxer Rescue Ohio

Boxer Rescue Ohio: Where and How to Adopt a Boxer

If you and your family are finally ready to get a dog, boxers can be a great choice. They’re a great breed, not only because they’re good-looking, but also because they’re child-friendly, loving, joyful, active, protective and loyal. They’re definitely a great addition, so if you’re considering boxer rescue Ohio, here’s the best option for you!

Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue

Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue is a non-profit organization in Ohio that’s committed not only to rescuing boxers and finding good homes for them, but also to educate the public about this amazing breed and how you can properly take care of them to give them a new chance at life. If you visit their site, you’ll find it’s a love letter to boxers and they provide content about training, safety, nutrition, medical concerns, and more.

Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue is known in Ohio because they participate in many events throughout the year in parks, pet stores, etc. They also hold a popular event in the state called Boxer Bash, where owners can bring their boxers and spend time with other boxers and their owners. The event is about sharing, getting to know the community while having fun and raising funds to help more boxers.

Their mission is to find a forever home for rescue boxers in need. For that, they assess the temperament and health of each boxer rescue and they provide medical care as necessary, including spaying/neutering for each rescue. They also manner train each boxer rescue and they take care to match each boxer perfectly with a new owner.

Adoption Process in Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue

To get the adoption process started in Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue, you need to fill out the adoption application and submit it. Be as detailed as possible in answering the questions because it will help the process along. Once the application is submitted and reviewed, they will help you find the right match and a home visit will be scheduled to make sure things run smoothly.

Keep in mind the adoption fee is set at $300 and it’s non-refundable. All rescue boxers at Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue have been examined by a veterinarian, have been tested and treated (if needed) for parasites, are current on all vaccinations and are also spayed/neutered.

Before you apply, make sure you read through the adoption requirements to make sure you meet them and make sure you fill out your application to completion. Incomplete applications will not be accepted, so be careful.

Ohio boxer rescue is a straightforward process with GOBR and they’ve designed a system that’s meant to ensure that your boxer fits perfectly into your family. They’ve taken good care of their rescue boxers and they’re ready to be welcomed to your home. All you need to do is get the process started and be patient throughout until you find the perfect boxer to match your family.

Make sure you’re ready to adopt a boxer since it’s a huge responsibility! Go through the resources available at their site to learn more about this breed and figure out if they’re the right choice!

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