Carolina Boxer Rescue: Where and How to Adopt a Boxer

Boxers are a truly wonderful breed that will suit many households. They’re loyal, protective, high-energy, and adorable. What more could you ask for?! So, if you’re in Carolina and you’re looking to adopt a boxer, I bring you a couple of options that provide an easy and secure process that ends with you welcoming a lovely boxer into your home.

Carolina Boxer Rescue

Carolina Boxer Rescue’s mission is to provide a welcoming, safe and loving environment for stray or impounded boxers and abused boxers by finding them foster homes or forever homes. Their adoption process is really straight-forward; you need to fill in the application and then wait for them to approve you. Then, you’ll be able to find a boxer you want to adopt.

The approval process takes around 2 weeks and a home visit will be scheduled as a part of this process. You’ll be then linked to an Area Coordinator, who will help you find the perfect boxer for your household. Once you find a good match, you’ll be placed on the dog’s adoption list. If you’re first on the list, they will schedule an introduction and if you both have a good connection, a meeting will be set up.

Carolina Boxer Rescue adoption fees are as follows:

  • Puppies – 6 months and younger: $500
  • 6 months to 1 year: $400 – $450
  • Adult – 1 to 7 years old: $250 – $400
  • Mixes/Seniors – 7 years old and older: $250 or below

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue NC

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue is based in North Carolina and they cover this area along with South Carolina and Virginia. They have many wonderful boxers available for adoption who are looking for a forever home. To adopt, they require an adoption donation fee, which will be used to fund the healthcare needs of rescued boxers.

It’s important to understand that these boxers are adopted only to indoor homes. If you want to get the process started, you’ll need to fill in the application. You need to be of age, be able to assist with the transportation of the dog and agree to a home visit, which is part of the approval process. A follow-up visit is also a must, so keep that in mind.

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue adoption fees are as follows:

  • Puppies under 6 months: $400
  • 6 months or older: $400
  • Purebred puppies under 6 months: $500
  • Seniors of 7 years and older: $250

These two Carolina boxer rescue options offer a straightforward adoption process that will allow you to find the perfect boxer so you can give them theirs forever home. Adopting a boxer is a big decision, so we encourage you to take your time. Many of these boxers have been abandoned, neglected and even abused for so long; they need a loving home with people who truly wants them and can take care of them, so think it through! When you do, head to any of these two sites and get the process started.


  1. I’ve been trying for a couple moths now and no success for a boxer pup. Keep seeing them on posts and fill out applications and all I get back is “passed on info to whoever has the pup” and then they send out “closed due to virus”. Out of state most won’t transport due to virus. This is getting very depressing.
    I see on the sights “recent adoptions” how can that be?

    1. I am not sure how that can be, their website is maybe not updated or they have figured something out. I suggest you to contact them directly.

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